About this service

This blog is: a low-volume blog which brings together items of genuine ‘good news’ from Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire, as spotted in the media on an ongoing basis.

The blog is personally curated by a veteran news blogger, and it is not an ‘auto-blog’ based on keywords. Excluded are: fluffy PR items, charity fund-raiser news, ‘planning permission granted’, and ‘cat rescued from tree’ news.

This blog replaces and continues: my old Scoop.it “Stoke-on-Trent & North Staffordshire which featured a rolling harvest of “Good news from the city of Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire”.

Why the switch? Scoop.it gradually prevented their free users doing anything much with the content. First they restricted RSS so users couldn’t export or backup. Then they decided that users couldn’t post any more items unless they upgraded to a paid account. This caused the move to this blog in April 2018. The first posts I made here contain a backup of my old Scoop.it blog, back to October 2014.

Archive of the old Scoop.it posts? Yes, it’s here and goes back to October 2014. The old Scoop.it “Stoke-on-Trent & North Staffordshire will also stay online as long as Scoop.it survives, but will no longer be updated. It goes back longer than the archive here, back to about 2012, and can be searched by keyword.

Ads? Yes, this is a free blog at WordPress.com and as such some posts may be tagged with WordPress’s ads. If that bothers you, adding a good ad-blocker to your Web browser will handle them.

RSS feed: Yes.

Header picture: my panoramic picture across part of the Stoke valley — Staffordshire University, Stoke F.E. College, the intercity train station, Stoke town, the Civic Centre.